Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone therapy is a technique using warm, smooth basalt stones to massage the entire body to bring about deep relaxation, relieve tension, aches and pains. Treats the mind, body and spirit.

Full body treatment 1hr 15mins €95
Back treatment 45mins €55

Deep Tissue Massage

A deeply therapeutic and invigorating massage that targets tired, sore muscles. Will improve circulation, reduce tension and rid the body of toxins. 

Full body massage – 1hr €75

Deep Tissue Back Massage 30 Mins€45

Indian Head Massage

Eliminates stress and tension, soothes and restores the body’s natural balance €55

Male Manicure

A luxuriously relaxing treatment for the hands and nails, combining exfoliation which will soften rough skin followed by a hand massage to hydrate the skin and nails.

30mins €25

Deep Tissue Back Massage

Deep Tissue back massage 

45mins €55